Streamline Expense Tracking and Management

Easy-to-use Expense Sheets

Expense Tracking

Empower employees to submit expense reports and time quickly and easily with a simple to use expense tracking solution.

Expense Codes and Tax Formulas

Time & Expense Management

Ensure accurate expense tracking with support for unlimited expense codes and tax calculations to meet your business needs.

Project-related Expenses

Project-related Expenses

Track expenses by project and client and compare against projected expense amounts. Easily bill back expenses to client for billable work.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Replicon’s expense tracking solution details reimbursable and project expenses, and provides configurable and easy-to-use reports.


Rapid, Easy Integration in the Cloud

Replicon WebExpense is designed to integrate easily with virtually any project management or financial solution, so you can efficiently and accurately track and manage all expenses—whether project-related or reimbursable—and stay on track and on budget.

WebExpense Integration

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