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In a project-based organization, every moment of your resources’ time – whether it’s project time, overhead time, billable, or non-billable – is intertwined with the business’s performance. With stakes that high, it’s essential to know exactly how that time is being spent by each and every resource to manage productivity, optimize billing, and maximize project profits.

Join us for a webinar to learn how Replicon enables you to streamline your project client billing processes with the below enhanced capabilities.

Accurate Project Time TrackingProject resources can see the exact projects and tasks they are working on and are able to provide accurate inputs into how that affects utilization and costing.

Intuitive Mobile Timesheets – Replicon’s user friendly mobile app provides time management on-the-go. Employees can track project time and managers can easily validate and approve timesheets anywhere anytime.

Flexible, Scalable, Global Cloud Platform –  Our comprehensive platform can scale as you grow, meet all your customization needs and help you manage global location requirements including support for languages and currencies.

Accurate Project Costs – Real-time mapping of time to projects gives you a clear comparison between the estimated and the actual costs. Group projects into programs to understand the bigger picture and manage costs at an aggregate level.

Internal Chargebacks & More –  Project effort for each business unit or entity and  justify all chargebacks with details can be easily tracked. Simple to categorize projects and tasks for R&D claims or labor cost capitalization.

Powerful Analytics – Graphical representation of your project data help you understand trends. Configurable reports give you a consolidated view of the critical metrics and enable you to manage budgets, costs, and resources.

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Product Specialist, Replicon

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