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In a project-based organization, every moment of your resources’ time – whether it’s project time, overhead time, billable, or non-billable – is intertwined with the business’s performance. Leveraging a system of record for all project time information is critical to a project’s success – and ultimately, the success of your business.

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Accurate Project Time Tracking: Project resources get to see the exact projects and tasks they are working on and are able to provide accurate inputs, even when they are mobile, around their work and how that affects utilization and billing.

Estimates Vs. Actuals: Set estimates for costs, hours, and billing. Easily compare estimates vs. actuals in real-time using dynamic in-context summary charts and comprehensive graphs.

Improving Billable Hours: Business leaders can map revenues to billable hours and set targets at the organization, department, and user level. This added visibility enables resources to be aware of their billable targets and more responsible for billing improving average revenue per resource.

Maximizing Utilization: Enable your project managers to understand skills, resource allocation, and current utilization. Ensure high-value resources are mapped to high-revenue projects and ensure an overall reduction in bench time for resources across the board.

Project and Resource Forecasting: Plan for future resource needs with full visibility into project pipeline, resource and skill needs. Leverage historical information to more accurately predict resource needs for a project while bidding. Analyze resource availability by skillset to proactively hire or retrain resources.

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Product Specialist, Replicon

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