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Top Concern for Time & Labor Compliance: Remote & Hybrid Workforce

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Mitigate the Risks of Time and Attendance Non-Compliance

Organizations face huge exposure to litigation due to labor compliance issues. Due to the pandemic, compliance issues are emerging in new ways – many employers are dealing for the first time with furloughs, salary reductions, reductions to work hours and remote work. The sheer complexity of rules, variations by locations, and other factors make labor compliance management difficult. Combine that with a field-based workforce and it becomes a perfect recipe for disaster.

Forward thinking businesses are looking at ways to automate time and attendance and labor compliance in a single system across the globe. Replicon’s cloud-based Time and Attendance software completely automates time and attendance, time off, schedules, jobs, and provides a built-in compliance library for organizations to better comply with ever evolving complex laws and regulations.

Join us for a webinar on August 4th, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT, to learn how Replicon helps organizations of all sizes manage their employee time and stay in compliance with:

Configurable Timesheets: Use multiple formats easily to collect custom information such as activities, shifts, locations for accurate labour time tracking.

Support for all employees: Manage exempt, non-exempt, contractors, and other employee types.

Employee self-service: Empower your workforce with self-service capabilities to manage time & attendance accurately, even when they are mobile from any device.

GPS Timesheets: Track location details associated with time entries for consistent application of business policies.

Facial recognition: Eliminate time theft and buddy-punching with smart features like facial recognition or real-time image capture, combined with a photo-audit trail.

Pay Rule Library: Utilise our up-to-date, pre-configured pay rule library to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks, and other labour laws across geographies.

Flexible pay codes: Create pay codes and automatically apply the correct pay rate calculations to the right employee to reduce manual effort while ensuring accuracy.

Automatic emails and alerts: Timely reminders to employees and managers to ensure on-time submissions and approvals.

Approval workflows: Fully configurable workflows support several approval levels to ensure that the time entries are accurate and signed off by all the right people.

Validation rules: Create validation rules that apply limits or checks like maximum thresholds on the number of hours that can be entered per day or pay period to enforce your policies.

Centralized payroll view: Specialized interface where your payroll managers can perform all their time and attendance duties on a single screen and, using our integration platform, quickly push data into your payroll or other system.

Flexible, Scalable, Global Cloud Platform: Our solution scales as you grow, meets all your customization needs, and helps you manage global location requirements including support for languages and currencies.

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