Post Covid – The New Normal: Cloud and Mobile-enabled Project Time Tracking

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Future Proofing Your Business – Digitalize Project Time Tracking for WFH & Office Employees

A constant theme in these times of change is the growing call out from business leaders to expedite digitalization to future proof businesses. With remote and WFH employees being the new normal, project-based businesses like yours need to think about systems and workflows to enable them to gain visibility into project costs while maintaining high levels of resource utilization and productivity, all of which directly affect the bottom line.

Join our Webinar on 27th of May 2020, to learn how our cloud and mobile-first project time tracking platform can help with:

Streamlined Project Time Tracking: Project resources see the exact projects and tasks they need to work on and are able to provide accurate inputs that directly tie into all other project metrics like costing, productivity, profits and more.

Intuitive Mobile Timesheets: Replicon’s user friendly mobile app provides time management on-the-go. Employees can track project time and managers can easily validate and approve timesheets anywhere, anytime.

Accurate Project Costing: Real-time attribution of time to projects gives you a clear comparison between the estimated and the actual hours and costs. Projects can also be grouped into programs to understand the bigger picture and manage costs at an aggregate level.

Maximizing Productivity: Enable your project managers to understand skills, resource allocation, and current utilization. Ensure high-value resources are mapped to high-revenue projects and ensure an overall reduction in non-project time for resources across the board.

Real-time Estimates Vs. Actuals: Set estimates for hours, costs and billing. Easily compare estimates vs. actuals in real-time using dynamic in-context summary charts and comprehensive graphs to take proactive decisions to manage project costs.

Powerful Analytics: Provide a graphical representation of your project data to help you understand trends. Configurable reports give you a consolidated view of the critical metrics to manage budgets, costs, and resources.

Seamless Integrations: Allow you to plug and play our project time tracking platform and share all project time and cost data with other solutions within your ecosystem like CRM, Accounting, Invoicing, ERP, HR and Payroll.

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Curtis Dowhaniuk

Product Specialist, Replicon

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