Empower employees with easy-to-use expense tracking. Easily reimburse employees for incurred expenses or allocate to client projects for billing.
client expense reporting
Client-specific Expense Policies

Automate policies that enable employees and managers to simplify expense tracking. Create and manage expense codes based on your client project needs and manage multiple currencies and exchange rates for accurate client billing and reimbursements.

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Manage Expenses in Real-time

Track expenses, associate them with projects and clients, and approve them anytime, anywhere. Get real-time visibility into how actual spend is tracking against estimates and make proactive decisions.

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real-time expense management
time and expense software
Bill Accurately with Complete Visibility

Look at the big picture using our dynamic dashboards. Stay on top of all expenses for all your clients and accurately bill back for projects hours worked and expenses incurred.

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Expenses on-the-go

Employees can enter expenses in real-time. Project managers get notified about pending expense sheets and can manage approvals even from the field using their smartphone or mobile devices. Capture pictures of receipts and remove the risk of losing information.

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mobile expense tracking

“Employees can upload and categorize all expenses instantly, even from a ship, making the process a breeze. The data syncs with our accounting system for quicker payment, making the process as simple and painless as possible.”

Molly Kinnison, HR Generalist, Ropes Course, Inc.




Track up-to-the-minute project time, billable hours, and efficiently manage resources, projects and clients.

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Know your resource availability by tracking time off in the same unified platform.

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