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“Replicon is our software of choice because it has all the significant features we need.”

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“Replicon is an ideal partnership because the system just works.”

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“We gained the ability for accurate forecasting, enabling better business decision making.”

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“Our ability to streamline payroll has proved to be nothing short of invaluable.”

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“Replicon has enabled us to decrease the payroll processing time from 16 hours per week to 20 minutes.”

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“Replicon was able to accommodate a lot of the customization we needed in order for us to go electronic.”

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“Our payroll needs are complicated. Replicon is so simple to make sure everything is accurate.”

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“Part of what drew us to Replicon was the accessibility of their solution.”

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“Leveraging Replicon, we were able to develop a mobile, employee-friendly, front-end solution, without having to make any changes to our backend systems or incur any downtime on our other systems. Implementation was quick, and the integration with ERP has been seamless, providing all the necessary information that we require for further processing.”

Olcay Yilmaz

Finance Director


“A manager can approve all timesheets with three total clicks.”

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“It’s certainly made all our time-tracking processes much more efficient and easier to manage.”

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“Replicon has helped us be more efficient in how we close out each month and complete our billing cycles.”

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“Replicon has helped us become 100% compliant and streamlined our organization’s time entry.”

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“We’ve ensured that there’s no more guessing when it comes to reporting time.”

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QRC Technologies

“Replicon lets me make sure – and demonstrate – we’re fully performing on contracts the way we’re supposed to.”

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Atlas Pipeline

“Atlas Pipeline almost immediately achieved a high ROI with a significant improvement in payroll reporting.”

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Axis Teknologies

“After the Replicon demo we could easily see the benefits over our existing system.”

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“With our Replicon SaaS solution we could see how growth was going to impact costs and plan accordingly.”

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“We are very happy with the solution and I have already recommended it to others.”

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“Part of what drew us to Replicon was the accessibility of their solution. It gives our teams secure access to their schedules wherever they are and, on any device, including mobile.”

Nick Haworth

Head of Technology