Workforce Management

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Benefits of Workforce Management

A Unified System
Gain access to accurate information about your mobile and diversified workforce with real-time visibility into your scheduling and attendance data. Eliminate human intervention and errors by replacing manual entries and disparate systems with real-time information and schedules.
Managed Global Labor Compliance
Our compliance library keeps you updated with regulation changes and current policy, no matter where you operate. Remove your exposure to labor law compliance and litigation. Even customized union contracts can be handled, so you can comply with ease.
Full Schedule Utilization
Provide a single tool for scheduling people and resources. With visibility into attendance, overtime and productivity, you maintain complete control over employee costs — and drastically help improve your bottom-line operating expenses. Your workforce will positively hum when work becomes the focus, not the logistics.
Features of Workforce Management

Flexible Time Tracking

Capture time for your mobile, diversified and global workforce with configurable timesheets. You pick the format that works for your specific business needs and the rules for approval, and the solution does the rest. Custom notifications are sent out when action is required to keep everyone on track.

  • Custom and configurable timesheets with global, multi-lingual support
  • Timesheet validation to reduce errors and stop future impact
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Activity tracking and ability to add time off
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

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Multi-Level Workflows & Easy Approvals

Make your approvals process match your business rules. Our configurable multi-level workflows allow for quick review and approval, even while on the go. Single-screen views into team productivity and ready-made reports allow for informed decision-making. They’ll also ensure that your approvals match your goals.

  • Real-time access to employee timesheets
  • In-context summary charts and dashboards for oversight
  • Overview of items awaiting approval (and associated approvers)
  • Visibility into hours worked, breaks taken and impending overtime

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Schedule Management

Wield power over schedules with a visual calendar. With insights into the overall workforce, you can assign shifts and update assignments without a hitch. Easily replicate schedules and perform mass edits, eliminate redundant and exhaustive manual entries and stop worrying about overworking employees or understaffing shifts.

  • Graphical view of employee time and availability
  • Easy shift assignment and auto population of timesheets
  • One-click schedule publishing
  • Copy and paste assignments or prior weeks
  • Mass edit function
  • Advanced filtering by user, shift, location and more

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Payroll Ready

Give payroll managers a single screen for performing all time and attendance tasks. With role-based access, payroll managers have visibility into the groups they are responsible for and can view relevant pay details by employee or group. Automatic notifications are in place to alert payroll managers when rule calculations fail.

  • Single screen view of entire pay period
  • Overview of all timesheets
  • Insights into items awaiting approval
  • Notifications and alerts for quick error handling

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Compliance Library

Obey labor laws and business policies with ease. Our turnkey library of preconfigured rules gets you started on the right path. Complex rules surrounding global labor laws and a diversified or mobile workforce will be a thing of the past. Our pay rule engine helps you configure parameters to easily meet changes as needed.

  • Turn-key library of preconfigured rules for global labor laws
  • Geographic variations and complexity handled
  • Fast set-up with validation and audits provided by our compliance experts
  • Stay compliant with overtime, meal breaks, union agreements and custom attendance policies using our flexible pay rule engine

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“Before Replicon, our 600 employee timesheets were physically delivered to one office location, every pay period. Replicon was able to accommodate a lot of the customization we needed in order for us to go electronic and get us out of the paper environment.”
Ashley Cleary
Director of Administrative Services
Get started today with a solution configured to your enterprise needs.
  • Adaptable approvals and time tracking for workforces on the go
  • Management of labor compliance
  • Powerful shift scheduling
  • Accurate and easy payroll