Project Portfolio Management

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Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

Clarity & Control
Achieve complete visibility within and across projects with advanced reporting capabilities. Gone are the days of meshing together disparate data and spreadsheets in order to view costs, progress and resource allocation. We think you’ll love the new view.
Insights & Effiency
Reach equilibrium between your resources and output when you use real-time data. By eliminating manual-entry delays and errors, you'll have access to automated information that’s available for immediate use. Your operations will take on the distinct characteristics of a well-oiled machine.
History & Data
Curtail cost overrun and forecast more accurately by utilizing your historical data. Stakeholders will find their expectations met when you complete projects on time and move resources seamlessly to the next project. Planning made simple; that’s what we provide.
Features of Project Portfolio Management

Flexible Time Tracking

Capture employee time on specific projects or tasks. With mobile access, employees can record their work without delay, and comments can be added to individual tasks to provide granular information. With custom notifications, employees and supervisors always know what actions are needed.

  • Customizable timesheets for accurate project and task tracking
  • Automatic validation of time entries using pre-defined or unique rules
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

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Easy Approvals

Align your approvals with your business rules. Our customizable multi-level approval paths allow for quick review by project managers, supervisors and other stakeholders, even while on the go. Project progress can be managed in real-time with complete visibility.

  • Real-time access to projects, hours and costs
  • In-context summary charts and dashboards for real-time decisions
  • Overview of items awaiting approval and associated approvers

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Project Oversight

Define every aspect of a project in a matter of minutes — from project managers to start and end dates, tasks, resources and budget. With complete control, task hierarchies and custom fields can be created to match the requirements of the project. Status and budget tracking are shown on every screen, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Multi-level project and task hierarchies
  • Custom fields for projects and tasks
  • Project manager designation by project
  • Resources assigned individually or by department
  • Budgets for cost and hours tracked against actual performance

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Resource Management

Oversee project resources both today and in the future. With a global view of current resource allocation, you know exactly what each employee’s availability and skills are, making it feasible to assign projects on-the-fly. You can even generate resource forecasts to plan ahead for future client projects.

  • Overview of resources and allocation levels
  • Graphical calendar for resource utilization
  • Placeholder role creation for future project planning
  • Resource forecasts for proactive hiring and training

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Program Management

Group your projects by program for time, cost and budget tracking. You’ll gain insights into which projects are on budget and be able to course correct for those that are not. Our summary dashboards provide you with full visibility into your program profitability and performance.

  • Program grouping for tracking time and costs
  • Budgeting and management of programs
  • Hours, cost and billing charts by program
  • Visibility into profitability and performance

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Cost Tracking and Normalization

Create normalized methods for tracking project costs. You set up the hourly costs by resource and then provide estimates for hours and cost by task and project. As the project continues or concludes, charts can be utilized to see exactly how well your estimates compare to your actual costs. Normalization rules ensure you allocate resource costs to projects in an effective manner and match your data against total work hours in a week.

  • Hourly cost for each resource
  • Actual cost to estimate comparison charts
  • Account for all time and costs on projects and programs
  • Normalization rules for allocation of resource costs to projects

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“Time tracking with Replicon helps us budget effectively for new projects, which helps us be more profitable.”
Justin Goldsmith
Head of Development
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  • Streamlined project approvals and time tracking
  • Complete view into portfolio projects and programs
  • Power over project staffing and resourcing
  • Planning efficiency for projects in the pipeline