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Agency Director, Hatch & Fly

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Some of Our Awesome Customer Stories for You

Bill Lumani
Senior Director of HR Shared Services

Replicon is a big part of our future as Adtalem grows. We’re looking forward to further optimizing the way we use it so we can keep realizing additional efficiencies to every extent possible.

Mike Domansky
Director of IT Portfolio Management & Government
Greif, Inc.

We can build a use case for capital funding, build cost estimates based on historical information, and measure actuals against budgets to manage projects, and make proactive decisions if we’re going over budget. Our forecast accuracy is so much higher, and because of that so is the level of confidence with our information.

John Young
Chief of Staff (RDO Division)

We’ve started to look at our business differently across the board, and time is just one measure to help us better succeed. Whether it’s evaluating team efficiencies, resource utilization against projects, or product development and investment, Replicon has been the tool that we trust to help us improve effectiveness.

Jeff Hoard
Senior Resource Manager

With employees all over the world, our payroll needs are quite complicated. We need to account for overtime hours worked, holiday pay and other nuances across all the different regions. Using Replicon, it’s so simple to make sure everything is accurate.

Ankur Dharmani
Architecture and Infrastructure Manager

With Replicon, we have improved insight into project profitability and timelines. Our managers know they’re collecting and reporting on information correctly, and have peace of mind that the data in their reports is accurate.

Rune Halvorsen

Tracking external and internal time and expenses online in the cloud is a significant improvement to using Excel spreadsheets.

Jo-Anne Morefield
Director of HR
Peoples Trust

We saw close to 100% adoption of Replicon within the first few weeks by all users of the system. Tracking balances and accruals used to be difficult. Now it’s a breeze. We estimate that the solution cut administrative overheads and reduced the time and effort needed by 75-90%.

Molly Kinnison
HR Generalist
Ropes Courses, Inc.

A major driver for choosing Replicon was that it delivered a cloud-based, easy-to-use system that we foresaw as driving strong efficiency, accuracy and scalability improvements in all of our offices and to all of our employees.

Jeff Ewald
Founder & CEO
Optimization Group, Inc.

With Replicon, we're clearly making better decisions in terms of allocating resources, job costing and setting job pricing as we take on new projects.

Bernard Blake
Chief Operating Officer
Biarri Networks

As a highly technical and fast-moving business, we were looking for a solution that aligned with the degree of flexibility and analysis we needed to grow our business. From the onset, Replicon took the time to really understand our specific requirements, which bodes well for our partnership as we continue to scale.

Nancy Connery
Connery Consulting

On a day when I would have spent the entire time doing billing, it now takes me an hour to two hours to get all of our invoicing done.

Tony Grissom
Total Quality Systems

We've received very positive remarks on the system being very user friendly. We expect that there will be more benefits as we go along regarding capturing, managing and optimizing time in the way it is meant to be done through a centralized solution.

Justin Goldsmith
Head of Development
James Hay Partnership

Time tracking with Replicon helps us budget effectively for new projects, which helps us be more profitable.

Jamie Holmes
Managing Director- Consulting

In the professional services industry, time, expense and resource data is our lifeblood to ensure we support our teams, we exceed expectations with our clients and we grow our business. Replicon plays an intrinsic role at Xoomworks.

Sally Scott
Head of Finance and Administration
Centre for European Policy Studies

A major advantage in using a cloud-based solution is that when auditors check our records, we can rest assured that we have identified any inaccuracies instantly so that we present a clear audit trail of where time has been spent. We are always able to know and show where the money goes and comply with the funding requirements of each and every research contract.

Lolalisa King
Architect for Life

An Audit would probably take place on a federally funded contract and we will be in a position to pass with flying colors.

Adam Smith
Mechanical Engineer
Product Creation Studio

At the end of the day, you don't want to have to stress about getting your time in. Web TimeSheet has been great for us because now anybody can fill out their timesheet anytime, anywhere they have internet access—whether you're at home sitting in front of the TV, on a coffee break at the coffee shop, or wherever you are. It's just so nice to have a web-based tool because then you're not restricted anywhere.

Beth Owens
Manager of the Project Management Office

Being on the Replicon Cloud is great because we're able to take advantage of free and seamless upgrades with no disruption to our business.

Dwight Warner
Assistant Controller
Hyson Products

As a cloud-based time tracking solution, nothing comes close to matching Replicon for ease-of-use, low total cost of ownership, and real-time analytics.

Ashley Cleary
Director of Administrative Services
Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis

Before Replicon, our 600 employee timesheets were physically delivered to one office location, every pay period. Replicon was able to accommodate a lot of the customization we needed in order for us to go electronic and get us out of the paper environment.

John Gambriel
Program Manager
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Replicon allows us to better plan our resources, and gives us a degree of data granularity that we never had before. We now have near real-time information and insights at our fingertips, and don’t need to wait for payroll to percolate to the general ledger. The ease-of-use of the solution, the comprehensive reporting capabilities and the responsiveness of the support team make working with Replicon a cinch.

Neerav Patel
Associates Operations Manager

Replicon stands out in its ability to provide the real-time information and insights that are the backbone of how we work.

Nicola Zarilli
Technical Consultancy and Support Manager
Fujitsu Services

Since Replicon is very user-friendly and consolidates time entry towards projects as well as holidays, sick time, etc., our people are happier to enter time. We are now able to measure efficiency of our people and finally have accurate effort estimates that make sense.

Adriana Saldana
Vice President
Fisher Vista Services Group

Using Replicon TimeBill & WebExpense gave me an 85% increase in productivity with valuable time back… time that could be spent on billable projects.