Peachtree Time and Billing Management

Take advantage of the Replicon’s Time Bill Integration Manager for Peachtree and save yourself the hassle of re-entering data and improve the accuracy of your time and billing. There is no need to set-up or learn a new process, quickly install the module and all of your Time Bill data can be automatically exported to Peachtree.

Time Bill Integration Manager for Peachtree

The Integration Manager for Peachtree allows you to export both time and expense. Select from the following 3 export options:

  • Timesheet Export
  • Expense Export
  • Expense Rate Export


Your timesheets and expense data is mapped into Peachtree at the task level, allowing you to use granular and accurate data in your accounting software improving your time and billing efficiency.


Automated project time tracking software allows you to bill your clients accurately and on time without the hassle of re-entering data into your Peachtree accounting solution. Time billing will never be as easy.

How it Works

The Peachtree integration is a simple yet effective way to import valuable time billing data into your accounting solution. Eliminate duplicate data entry using the Integration Manager. Save time and improve time and billing accuracy by reducing the chances of human error.

  • Once the Integration Manager is installed click on the desired Peachtree Export link (timesheet, expense, expense rate) within the reports menu in Time Bill.
  • Select the time period you would like exported and click on the “Peachtree” button. This will create a CSV file with the data that you had requested.
  • A pop-up screen will appear asking whether you would like to the save the file or open it,select “save”.
  • Once the file has been saved to a drive start your Peachtree application and simply select the”Import” option.
  • Map the data from Time Bill into the appropriate Peachtree categories, this is a one-time set-up and can also be changed in the future if the need arises.
  • Once the mapping is complete click “import” to integrate your timesheet data into Peachtree. You are now ready to begin creating invoices or run accounting reports using your new fully integrated time billing.
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