Enterprise Time Capture Solutions

Achieve accurate payroll, comply with labor regulations and gain actionable productivity insights

Enterprise Time Capture Solutions

Replicon’s enterprise time capture platform enables businesses to get the most out of their employee time tracking with:


Simple time capture across your global workforce and instant approvals using Replicon TimeAttend

Compliance Made Easy

Advanced configurability to meet any business processes, pay rules and compliance needs around time tracking for the enterprise

ERP Ready

Real-time visibility into employee time that enables proactive decisions to improve productivity

Seamlessly capture time across your diversified workforce and apply relevant pay rules to get a complete view of payroll. Schedule employee shifts and manage overtime and labor costs with ease.

How can Employee Time Tracking help?
enterprise time capture
With Replicon’s flexible time capture software, you can:
  • Capture employee time with configurable time sheets to track hours, tasks, activities, or projects
  • Set up approval flows, notifications, and reviews that make sense for your business
  • Access your data in real-time, anytime and anywhere with our cloud-based, SaaS mobile solution
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