Employee Time Tracking Via The Web with Replicon's Online Timesheets

Replicon’s online timesheets provide organizations of all sizes the ability to manage their employees time and track projects through one central web-based system. Conventional tracking by means of paper timesheets and spreadsheets are no longer efficient for organizations whos employees are scattered in various locations around the world. Effective tracking of employee time through paper timesheets can be tedious, challenging, and costly. Why not give Replicon’s online timesheets a try?

Benefits of online timesheets

  • With online timesheets, employees can submit hours at their convenience from remote locations using any web browser.
  • Online timesheets’ submission and approval processes allow quick and prompt responses between managers and employees regarding time tracking issues
  • Whether your employees are working in the main office or working offsite, online timesheets ensure that they are up to date with project developments and status of their timesheets.
  • Online timesheets give managers instant access to real time reporting of employee productivity and projects’ progresses.

The key benefit of Replicon’s online timesheets is that they are easy to use and does not require training. Switch now to Replicon’s online timesheets and you will notice a reduction in administrative tasks, and a reduction in lost time due to repetitive data entry, and error correction. Instead, you will see an increase in employee productivity and accountability once your organization has adopted the online timesheets system.

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