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Make your daily time keeping simple using the free daily timesheet template by Replicon. This is a single page dynamic timesheet template, which allows you to record clock in/out along with the lunch break. Once this data is added, the total worked hours will be automatically calculated.

This is a very simple free timesheet template which is ideal for small or new businesses which needs to quickly track time of their employees along with their lunch breaks. This template can also be used by employees who needs to capture their work time and send it across to their supervisors/managers.

Manually managing daily timesheet of employees is very tedious job and may lead to miscalculations. Try Replicon’s timesheet management software for free and learn how to manage and automate timesheets effortlessly.

How to use the daily timesheet template

Step 1 – Basic Information:

Customize your template with the following information:

  • Company Name and Address
  • Employee Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Location
  • Today’s Date

Step 2 – Timesheet Data:

In this section, either supervisor or employee can record the data in a row:

Note: Time should be in hh:mm format (24-hour format). For example, 6 AM would be 06:00 and 6 PM would be 18:00.

  • Job code
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Lunch Time Out
  • Lunch Time In
  • End Time

Some of the checkpoints to keep in mind while using the excel sheet

  • Make sure that the ‘Start Time ‘ is not later than ‘Lunch Time Out ‘, ‘Lunch Time Out ‘ is not later than ‘Lunch Time In ‘ and ‘Lunch Time In ‘ is not later than ‘End Time ‘. In case you try to enter wrong value, the cell will turn to red color.
  • Do not change any formulas present in the daily timesheet. Only add/delete entries in job code, date, start time, lunch time out, lunch time in and end time columns.

This is all of the information that is required to download your daily timesheet.


You can either download the file in PDF format or in XLSX formats. Once downloaded, you can follow steps from either of the 2 sections based on your requirement:

For Employees:

  • Once you fill the data, you can share it with your employer or supervisor depending on how he/she wants to receive your timesheet. You can follow one of the below steps:
  • Print and send the timesheet to your employer via e-mail either in PDF or XLSX/Google Sheets format
  • Upload the completely filled timesheet data in a secure shared network

For Supervisors:

  • Print and share the blank timesheet with your employees via email or in a secure shared network
  • Request employees to fill their timesheet on a daily basis
  • Create a procedure for reporting and recording completed timesheets regularly


Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues

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Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues