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Replicon Crew Timesheets

Get visibility into your crews’ time and availability to better manage your workforce, projects and jobs.

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Replicon’s Time Tracking solutions offers numerous features to meet all your crew-based timesheet needs

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Real-time Crew Management

Our Crew timesheets provide real-time insights into work, time, pay, jobs/project and cost-related metrics and make it easy to control labor costs and maximize crew productivity.

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Labor Laws and Pay Rates

Leverage our prebuilt pay rules library in conjunction with multiple pay rates for gross pay calculation or model your own pay rules.

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Effective Job Costing

Manage job assignments, perform time tracking for crews towards job/project codes & get real-time insights and control over costs and gross pay.

crew management

Businesses leverage Replicon crew management software to manage their field-based crews in real-time, simplify job allocations, ensure labor compliance, and streamline their costing and payroll processes.

Replicon’s Crew Timesheet feature can help you streamline your payroll and cost management processes

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Crew Time Entry

Empower your foremen and crew managers with real-time access to view timesheets, enter total hours or manage punches of all crew members.

Mass Edit/Allocation

Supervisors are equipped with the ability to add multiple time entries and allocate to job/projects all in one go.

Offline Capabilities

The Crew timesheet template allows crew managers can avoid timesheet errors and delays by entering time in the offline mode even while in the field.

Compliant Gross Pay Calculations

Preconfigured pay rule library enables consistent application of statutory labor regulations with ease. Compliance dashboard enables real-time visibility into the status of local and global pay rules used by your business.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Enable access to crew timesheets via the web or crew timesheet app on mobile devices and keep the time data updated for all your payroll and cost calculations.

Dynamic Workflows

Utilize multi-level approval workflows to include supervisors, finance, payroll and other people in the approval chain. Administrators can also validate data in real-time to create dynamic workflows as per your business needs.

Absence Management

Get an overview of which of your crew members are available and who are on time off to manage your crew assignments effectively.

Comprehensive Analytics

Flexible reporting engine serves metrics around your gross pay and cost data as per your business needs in real-time.

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