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Most employees preferred to get paid every week, but, with time they started budgeting their expenses according to their paycheck schedule. The most common methods to pay for hours worked are biweekly and semi-monthly. Bi-weekly Payroll is a pay once every two weeks, for example; every second Friday, and semi-monthly payroll is paid usually on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Download our bi-weekly timesheet to track your work hours and breaks once in two weeks. Our biweekly timesheet is a very simple timesheet template and is best suited in organizations where employees are paid every fortnight. You can keep track of their work hours, breaks, leaves, overtime, etc, and also calculate their wages.

This free biweekly timesheet is printable and is also optimized for Excel. It can be downloaded as a PDF or an Excel Sheet. Our bi weekly timesheet template is useful for businesses which require to capture their employees’ time, number of hours worked overtime, their time offs, etc. to be more productive. Once the start and stop times are entered, the timesheet automatically calculates total and overtime pay.

Our bi-weekly timesheet template is designed to help you calculate the total hours worked in a fortnight. It also automatically deducts the break times entered and will only calculate the total worked hours and give the final payable wage details for the two weeks.


How to Download and use Replicon’s Free Bi Weekly Timesheet Template

Step 1 – Basic Information:

Customize your template with the following information:

  • Company Name and Address
  • Employee Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Location
  • Hourly Pay ($)
  • Overtime Pay ($)
  • Regular Hours

Step 2 – Timesheet Data:

In this section, either supervisor or employee can enter the data:

Note: Time should be in hh:mm format (24-hour format). For example, 6 AM should be 06:00 and 6 PM should be 18:00.

  • Date
  • Day
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Break
  • Vacation / Sick Hours

Some of the checkpoints to keep in mind while using the excel sheet

  • Make sure that the ‘Start Time ‘ is not later than ‘End Time ‘. In case you try to enter wrong value, the cell will turn to red color.
  • Enter ‘Break ‘ in hh:mm format.
  • Do not change any formulas present in the biweekly timesheet template. Only add/delete entries in start time, breaks, end time and vacation / sick hours columns.
  • Regular hours, overtime hours and total hours will be automatically calculated. Overtime hours will be calculated if you exceed 8 hours of regular work-time in a day. Fill in both the tables as it is a biweekly timesheet template.

This is all of the information that is required to download your bi-weekly timesheet template.

Manually managing biweekly timesheet of employees is very tedious job and may lead to miscalculations. Try Replicon’s timesheet management software for free and learn how to manage and automate timesheets effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions on Biweekly Timesheet Template:

  1. What is a biweekly timesheet?
    1. A biweekly timesheet tracks employees’ time, breaks, paid and unpaid leaves, holidays, etc, every fortnight. The timesheet is filled once every two weeks and used to calculate payroll for the days worked.
  2. What is the use of a biweekly timesheet?
    1. Replicon’s Biweekly timesheet is used to keep track of employees’ time worked and breaks taken during every fortnight. This data is calculated and the pay is calculated deducting the breaks and in compliance with the state’s labor laws.
  3. How do I create a biweekly timesheet in Excel?
    1. To create a biweekly timesheet in Excel, first, fill in the employee’s data. Then insert the clock in and clock out time to calculate the hours worked. Then, the hours worked are automatically calculated. Try out Replicon’s free downloadable excel biweekly timesheet template.
  4. What should be included in a biweekly timesheet?
    1. In a biweekly timesheet, add employee details such as:
      • Name
      • Days worked in two weeks
      • Total work hours calculated
      • Absences (sick leaves, paid and earned leaves)
      • Pay scale according to state labor law
      • Total calculated pay
  5. How to calculate a biweekly timesheet?
    1. To calculate a biweekly timesheet, calculate the clock in and clock out time to get the total hours worked in a day. Do it for each day of the two weeks. Then add the total to get the total hours worked. Deduct break hours in each day and the days taken off. To calculate the biweekly timesheet automatically, download Replicon’s Biweekly timesheet and eliminate any errors that are caused by manual calculations.


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