Grant Management

Keep Track of Grant Spending and Stay Compliant

Grant management for non-profits isn’t easy.

To secure adequate funding you must keep impeccable records of where time and money is spent, and be ready to hand over detailed reports to your contributors. Inaccuracies can cause big problems— non-compliance, lost grants or, worse, a bad reputation.

Replicon TimeCost helps you manage your grants by accurately account for spending across multiple grants and projects in real-time, link time spent to specific funding sources, and create a robust audit trail to streamline and simplify compliance.

Use TimeCost to:
  • Gain complete transparency into where time and money is spent, even on your most complex grants
  • Eliminate painful, manual tasks, such as compiling time reports across projects and systems
  • Lower your risk of going over budget and improve your odds for future funding
  • Comply with funding requirements and earn the trust of your key funding sources
  • Know – and be able to show- where the money goes
Start using TimeCost for grant management and reporting today!

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