World Class Security to Keep Your Data Safe

We take the responsibility of your data safety and security very seriously.

Application Security

Application Security

We’ve implemented a number of controls within our applications to ensure all data remains fully secure, including:

  • Unique non-predictable session ID/Tokens for access control
  • Database and SQL schema partitioned by customer company ID for isolation
  • Configurable session timeouts
  • Role-based user access to limit admission to specific modules within the application

Database Security

Database Security

  • Passwords are stored with S-Crypt one-way hash
  • Restricted database access prevents unauthorized use
  • Customer-delegated data access adds a layer of control
  • Encryption for even data at rest
Network Protection

Network Protection

Best-in-class network protection to keep your data safe from outside threats:

  • Corporate/Cloud network isolation ensures complete security
  • Redundant stateful firewalls separate our application from external traffic
  • Intrusion detection & prevention of virus transmission
  • Network monitoring to enhance performance
Transmission Security

Transmission Security

  • SSO, SAML, OAuth & MFA for authentication & authorization
  • 256-bit TLS encryption to encrypt and decrypt data
  • TLS 2048-bit certificate
  • TLS session termination on load balancers simplifies security management
Datacenter Security

Datacenter Security

  • 24×7 onsite physical security and video surveillance
  • Access control and escorted entry for authorized AWS personnel
  • No access provided even to Replicon personnel
  • Background checks performed on all personnel
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Detailed disaster recovery procedures ensure you can always access your data — even if a service location becomes inoperable. They include:

  • Identical facilities
  • Mirrored transactions
  • Automatic failover
  • Daily and weekly system backups (scheduled and incremental)
  • Regularly scheduled tests to ensure recoverability of all backup data