Professional Services Automation

A powerful platform to manage people, projects & profits for your services business

Professional Services Automation

Replicon’s PSA enables professional services organizations to gain complete control over their business performance and profitability.

Project Delivery Management Software

Service Delivery Management

Resource Allocation, Project Workflows, Project Delivery
Replicon’s service delivery platform is based on a powerful business process modeling engine and frameworks with templates to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of a project or program. Project managers can define and orchestrate their unique service delivery workflow processes along with managing financial performance. Learn More

Resource Utilization

Billable Targets, Resource Utilization, Skills Management
Project resources account for 60-80% of operating expenses for any professional services organization. Being able to set productivity targets and measuring resource utilization is a critical need to run a profitable service delivery business. Replicon’s PSA solution has comprehensive features to set productivity targets at individual resource levels. It can easily collate individual, group, company, or project level productivity and utilization, drive performance and productivity and effectively help utilize resources by measuring them against those targets. It can then communicate that data in real time for enhanced service delivery. Learn More
Project Time Management System
Project Budget Management

Project Accounting

Budgets, Estimates, ETC, Resource Costs, Billing, WIP, and Profit Margins
Replicon’s Professional Services Automation provides project accounting capabilities to monitor the financial health of projects. Project managers and finance teams can gain full visibility into their projects’ financial health in real-time and monitor controls. With the ability to track business objectives and outcomes at the project level, project managers and finance teams can collaborate to manage billing issues upstream before they percolate downstream resulting in unhappy customers. Learn More

Revenue Management

Billing Contracts, Client Billing, Finance Collaboration, Invoicing, Rev. Recognition
Replicon’s solution provides financial workflows, insights, and control on professional services delivery for various personas within the organization. Project Managers can view which of their projects are on track, their profitability, progress towards reaching margin goals, billing status, and billings compared to WIP, budgets, and estimates. Billing Managers can view client and project billing status, billings compared to budgets & estimates, billing contract enforcement, and compliance. Finance Managers can view which clients and projects are ready for invoicing, payment reconciliations, revenue recognition (ASC 606 and IFRS 15), and AR forecasting. Learn More
PSA Solution Platform
PSA Software Platform

Growth Management

Services Growth, Resource Planning, Skills Requirements
Replicon’s PSA solution not only helps companies keep track of their current utilization to help run profitable project delivery, but it also helps companies forecast their future resource utilization needs based on service delivery pipeline and helps manage skill sets and bench capacity. This combination ensures that resource costs and overhead are efficiently managed. Professional services businesses can accurately make staffing, hiring and training decisions based on the project pipeline they have. Learn More

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Delivery, Utilization, WIP, Profits, Margins
Gain real-time visibility into every aspect of your professional services organization. Manage everything right from project your project pipeline, skills, resource needs, project costs, billable hours, billing rates, profitability, revenue and more using our advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities. Easily model metrics like – budgets, estimates, costs, margins, WIP, Billings, utilization, bookings etc. to make proactive decisions about your professional services business. Learn More
Project Analytics
Project Integration Management

In-Sync With Your Enterprise

Share compliant time and gross pay data with your ecosystem and enable your business to streamline your payroll and job costing processes. Learn More

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