Forecast and Manage Your Labor Costs With Ease

Create accurate project budgets and stick to them

Project Delays

A study by Raconteur reveals 39% of project delays are caused by poor estimates

Accurate project tracking, budgeting and forecasting can be challenging due to:
Poor estimates due to lack of historical information
Lack of visibility into current status of projects
Changing requirements from customers
Inability to make proactive decisions on projects and resources
Inadequate information about resource availability

For accurate project tracking and timely delivery, you need:
  • Access to benchmarks and previous projects’ data to develop project and labor budgets
  • Real-time project and task status information to stay on top of delivery
  • Visibility into employee skills and allocation to manage project assignments

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform allows businesses to forecast and track project labor costs effectively with:

Quick access to previous project cost and schedule information for accurate estimates and planning

Real-time capture of project status and costs using Replicon TimeCost to steer projects in the right direction

Ability to maintain resource skill set and utilization information to easily make planning and allocation decisions

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