With a number of projects running in parallel, it can get difficult to manage delivery, costs, and resources, but there is a better way.

Plan and execute your projects better with real-time access to status, cost, and resource information on our centralized platform.

real-time project progress

Deliver On-time

Track and manage multi-level projects and programs in real-time with visibility into budgets and up-to-the-minute status updates.

improve resource allocation

Maximize Utilization

Boost your project resource productivity with real-time oversight into resource allocations, availability, and pipeline.

track project costs

Allocate Costs

Quickly track costs associated with resource hours and projects to get control over budgets and project spend for chargebacks.

project planning software

Plan Projects

Plan for your future project pipeline and resources requirements and take on the right projects with confidence.

Manage your project-based teams, deliverables, and costs using our advanced solution.

Create and manage project hierarchies to meet your business needs. Manage resource allocation and availability across your organization. Get projects delivered on-time and within budget.

project portfolio management system
Control Projects in Real-time

Replicon’s Project Portfolio Management solution’s enables project managers and teams to make timely decisions with real-time estimate to actual comparisons of time and cost data.

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Manage Costs

Associate project hours with resource costs to understand how your projects are performing against the budget and make necessary changes as needed.

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Manage project resource costs
Easy project resource allocation
Resource Right

Easily match the right people with the right skills to the right projects to get the most out of your teams and projects.

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Holistic Visibility

Our intelligent platform helps businesses make accurate project and resource decisions with access to historical project, resource, and cost information.

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project portfolio management

Instant Project Updates

Manage your projects and costs with updated information, even when you are remote. Employees can submit project time and expenses from anywhere, anytime and approvers can review in real-time.

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Submit project time and expenses anywhere

“With Replicon we have improved insight into project profitability and timelines. Our managers know they’re collecting and reporting on information correctly, and have peace of mind that the data in their reports is accurate.”

Ankur Dharmani, Architecture & Infrastructure Manager, 2degrees
Replicon TimeCost Capabilities

Project Delivery
  • Instant project updates
  • Task and activity tracking
  • WIP management
  • Program management
  • On-time delivery

Cost Accounting
  • Project budgets
  • Multiple currencies
  • Cost normalization
  • ap Ex and Op Ex

resource management software

  • Project allocations
  • Skills tracking
  • Utilization tracking
  • Pipeline planning

absence management software

Absence Management
  • Self-service time off
  • Policy automation
  • Accruals and resets
  • Employee availability
  • Intelligent approvals

expense management tracking software

  • On-the-go expense sheets
  • Project expenses
  • Expense policies
  • Tax codes
  • Receipts

Advanced Analytics
  • Real-time visibility into resources, status, and costs
  • Summary charts and dashboards
  • Configurable reports


Product Add-ons


Collect employee and project-related expenses in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

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Know your project resource availability by tracking time off in the same unified platform.

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