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Testing timesheet validation rules using the simulator

You can test whether pay rules or timesheet validation rules are triggered by using the simulator available for each rule.

The simulator checks whether the rule would be triggered for a given live timesheet, and will show you the validation message that will display to the user.

Administrators and other managers can use the simulator to:

  • Better understand how the rule works, without having to set up complex scenarios
  • Ensure that rules are enforcing policies as expected
  • Test rules without affecting live data
  • Understand what message users will see, so you can identify whether messaging needs to be customized

Testing a rule

To test a rule against an existing timesheet:

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Validation Rules.
  2. Click the name of a rule.
  3. Update its parameters, as desired.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the button.

  1. Select the name of the user and the timesheet period you want to test the rule with.
  2. Click Recalculate.

If the rule is triggered, text will display below the Severity and Message columns.

  • Click the button to return to the rule parameters.
  • Remember to save the rule after you make changes to it; the simulator will only test against the saved version of the rule.


What do the values under the Severity heading mean?

Error or Warning will display under this heading for each rule. You can use the Warning (ON)/Error (OFF) parameter field to change this value.

Severity values can determine whether or not the timesheet can be submitted with the validation triggered. Refer to A validation displays on a user’s timesheet, but they can still submit it for more information on this.

Can we modify the message that displays to users?

You can’t replace the message, but you can append it by adding text in the Additional messaging parameter field. This appended text should display in the simulator’s preview message.

Why do I see a syntax error when I click Recalculate?

If no timesheet exists for the selected period, you’ll see this error: There was a syntax error. Please fix the errors to proceed and populate.

Can I test a timesheet belonging to a user who is disabled in the system?

No, disabled users aren’t available to test.