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Polaris setup checklist

Before you can start using Polaris to manage your projects, resourcing, and billing, you’ll need to set up a few things.

The table below lists things you’ll likely need to set up. Click the links for more information.

Once administrators have finished setting up users, roles, and skills, resource managers can configure resource profiles, so those managers can find resources to allocate to projects. Refer to Setting up resource profiles for more information.

Feature to set up


Setup location



See Time tracking setup checklist for locations



See Expense tracking setup checklist for locations


Project management

See Project management setup checklist for locations


Time off settings

You can set the time off type used for holidays in your system, and a couple of other options

Administration > Time Off > Time Off Settings



If you used the checklists referenced above, you may only have a few permissions left to set up, like ones related to time off

Administration > Employees and Organization > Permissions Sets



These notifications are primarily related to submitting and approving timesheets and expenses; resourcing notifications are also available, and are set up by the recipients by clicking Notifications in the side menu.

Administration > Notifications System > Notifications



For example, departments, employee types, and locations

Groups can be used to limit access to data

Administration > Employees and Organization > <Group type name>


Office Schedules


Administration > Schedules > Office Schedules


User custom fields

If you used the checklists referenced above, only User custom fields are left to set up, if you require them

Administration > Employees and Organization > User Settings


User default settings

Set up time format, project name format, report, and other settings that will be assigned to each new user you add

Administration > Employees and Organization > User Settings


Holiday calendars


Administration > Company > Holiday Calendars



You’ll need to add users, and configure their user profiles; set up all other features first, so they’re ready for assignment to users

Administration > Employees and Organization > Users

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