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Handling availability limitations when allocating resources to a project

As you fulfill resource requests, you may face availability limitations due to a resource’s other allocations, variable work schedules, part-time employment, and time off.

Polaris’ allocation functionality is time off aware and provides you with options to handle these limitations effectively. It offers you several ways to smartly allocate the hours and, based on the option you select, it distributes the hours intelligently, without disturbing commitments. You can also manually fine-tune the allocation.

The options let you:

        • Over-allocate the resource
        • Allocate only what fits
        • Re-distribute the allocation hours, or
        • Allow the allocation to fall outside the requested date range

Here is one example of a smart allocation. If a resource has June 1-12 booked for vacation, and you try to book them for the month of June, you can choose to redistribute the allocation so that hours are only allocated to June 13 - 30.

Distributing allocation hours around other commitments

To fulfill an allocation without disturbing commitments:

    1. Go to Project Resourcing > Pending > click on the project name
    2. Identify the pending resource request and click + Allocate Resource.

On the resource list page that displays, the current allocations, vacations, and availability in the month (or week) show against the resource’s name

    1. Select the check box of the resource to allocate. 

If a resource is not 100% available, a set of options displays, suggesting ways to handle the distribution.

    1. Select an option and Polaris will intelligently distribute the allocations.

Fine-tuning allocations

If more fine-tuning is needed, you can manually edit the allocation hours.

To fine-tune the allocations:

    1. Double-click the hours or drag the handle of the allocation bar across the month (or week). 

As you are fine-tuning, the summary bar (located at the bottom of the resource list), dynamically shows the summary of the allocations you have made, the pending hours to be allocated, and whether you have exceeded the allocation.

You can use the changing values in the summary bar to help you arrive at the desired allocation.
    1. Once you’ve selected a resource and fine-tuned the allocation hours, click the Complete Allocation button to propose the selected resource to the project manager.

About the options for handling availability limitations

If you find a resource matching the requirements, but without enough hours, you can find ways to work around the availability limitation. Several options to effectively handle the availability limitations display, when you select the resource’s checkbox.

Allocate Full Amount…
Allocates the full amount leaving some part of the duration overallocated

Allocate What Fits… Allocates only the hours that are available, leaving the remaining hours unallocated, while ensuring no overallocation or disruption to other commitments

Redistribute Allocation… Distributes all the hours keeping them strictly within the requested date range, and if necessary, over allocating the resource

Extend the Allocation...
Allocates all the hours by extending the allocation beyond the project duration


What happens if a user adds time off after an allocation is in place?

It won't change the allocation. 

Can I fine-tune the hours even if there isn't a conflict?

Yes, you can. 

What do the colors on the allocation bars indicate?

The colors show whether the resource is fully allocated, under-allocated, etc, as follows:

        • White indicates the resource is free with no allocations
        • Grey indicates Time-off
        • Dark Green indicates fully allocated for the duration
        • Light Green indicates allocated, but not fully
        • Purple indicates overallocation
        • Blue bar below the resource’s current allocations indicates the new allocation you added, while proposing the resource