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Duplicating a project

When adding a new project, you can copy details from an existing project in Replicon. Duplicating a project saves time if your new project will have similar settings to an existing project.

To duplicate a project:

  1. Go to Projects, and click the name of the project you want to copy.
  2. Click the icon located in the top, right-hand corner of the project page, and select Duplicate Project.

  1. In the Duplicate Project dialog that displays:
    1. Use the check boxes to select the data you’d like to copy.
    2. Enter a new project name, and update the project dates, status, client, and program, if desired.

  1. Click Duplicate Project.

A Creating Project dialog will display, and will display a link to the new project once the project is available.

What data gets copied?

Some field values are copied by default, and some data you can choose to copy. Any field not referenced in the tables below is not copied, and will be set to the default value assigned in new projects.

The user who copied the project is assigned as the new project's project manager. The Client and Program fields will be copied by default, unless you enter new values for those in the Project Copy dialog.

Data you can choose to copy

Resource requests

Requests include details like role, time frame, and load, but are not associated with specific resources, since they're already allocated to the original project.


Task fields are copied by default when you choose to copy tasks – see the Data copied by default section below.

If your project includes tasks, they'll be moved the same number of days as the project.

Bill plan

You may be allowed to choose whether this is copied from the original project or from the defaults for the client who is assigned to the new project

Data copied by default

Data copied for all projects

Task data copied only if you choose to copy tasks

  • Financials
  • Project Type (Managed or Unmanaged)
  • Co-Managers
  • Project custom field values
  • Task names
  • Task codes
  • Task dates, relative to project's new dates
  • Task estimates (hours and cost)
  • Task custom field values
  • Milestone status


Are resource allocations or time and expenses entered against the project copied?

No, that data is never copied.

Why was some data that is listed above not copied?

You probably aren’t allowed to edit that type of data, and therefore you can’t copy it. You can only copy the types of data that you can define when you add a new project.

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