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Authorizing remote support

If you’re experiencing issues with your Polaris account, a Replicon representative might ask if they can access your account, so they can troubleshoot the issue.

Before you can allow access, the Support rep will need to give you their email address. Once you have this address, to allow them access:

  1. Go to Administration > System and Security > Remote Support.

If you don’t see this option, check that the Manage Remote Support option is enabled in your assigned Administrator permission set.

  1. Click the Authorize a Support Specialist button.
  2. Enter the Support rep's email address in the Support Specialist Email field.
  3. Select the date when Support access expires from the Authorized Until field.

This field will default to allowing access for one week.

  1. Click Authorize.

The rep should now have access to your account, for the period defined.

You can click Remove Authorization on this page at any time to revoke access.

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