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Project Timeline Template
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What Is Project Timeline Template?

A project timeline template is a project planning tool that enables project managers to create the timelines for tasks and milestones in any project. Equipped with a project timeline template, a project manager can clearly determine deadlines, set realistic milestones, evaluate and allocate the resources, and recognize the dependencies among the tasks. Simply put, a project timeline template can provide you with a 360-degree view of the project path from the inception till the end. Here we have introduced an excel project timeline template that is easy to use and downloadable for quick sharing.

Free Project Timeline Template from Replicon

A project timeline template is the key to project feat, as it helps the project manager track the project status and duration of any task in the project. You can download the free project timeline template from Replicon and share it with your stakeholders or clients to keep them abreast of the project’s progress. Moreover, you can leverage this free template to calculate the total working days of any team member based on their start, and end dates respectively.

This project timeline template from Replicon provides a visual representation of the tasks assigned to team members, along with a start-to-end date. Thus, project managers can keep a tab on all deliverables, progress, and tasks from a single place. Moreover, you can download the template in XLSX format and perform basic mathematical operations as well.

How to Use Replicon’s Free Project Template?

Project Timeline Template

For Project Manager/ Supervisor:

  • Download the template in XLSX format and customize it as per your needs.
  • You can input the team member’s name and mention the tasks against each entry.
  • You can share this downloadable template with the team via a shared network and request them to fill in their start and end dates on the template.

However, you can also fill out the template yourself if you are aware of the team member’s tasks and the total days spent on them.

For Project Resources/ Team Members:

Team members can download the template in XLSX format and enter the start and end dates of the tasks against their mentioned names. As soon as the team members enter the date in a ‘Start Date ‘ section, the date will be automatically displayed in the table.

Here Are the Steps on How the Project Manager Can Use the Replicon Template

Step 1: Setting the Basic Information

Download the template and input the fields of your requirements. Make sure to choose only those fields that will help you keep track of your project progress. Here are some rudimentary fields that one should opt for in the template-

  • Project Name
  • Start Date
  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone

Step 2: Entering Timeline Data

Once the template is ready with the basic fields, project managers can assign the respective tasks to each team member in the template.

Then, the project manager can request team members to fill in the columns of the start date, end date, and status against their respective names as depicted below.

  • Task Name
  • Assigned To
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Status

Pointers that you need to pay attention while working with the XLXS sheet:

  • Once you enter the date in a ‘Start Date‘ section, the date will be automatically displayed in the table.
  • Do not change any formulas present in the project timeline template.

With the help of the above-mentioned details, you can use the project timeline template effortlessly. However, managing the project timeline template manually is a tedious job and is prone to human errors or miscalculations.

Try Replicon’s project management software for free and learn how to automate and manage project timelines in a hassle-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions on Project Timeline Template:

1. How does the project timeline template work?

Project Timeline Templates are helpful for businesses like yours that need to track their projects. These templates are perfect for recording, monitoring, and tracking the project’s progress. It displays an overview of working days, individual tasks and the overall status of your project.

2. What should be on a project timeline document?

A project timeline template includes two types of data: Basic Information and Timeline data. Basic Information includes the Project Name and Start Date, while Timeline data includes Task Name, Assigned To, Start Date, End Date and Status.

3. Do I have to fill in a project timeline document?

Yes, all team members and project managers/supervisors involved in a project must fill out a project timeline document manually.

4. How do I submit a project timeline template?

You can either opt to print a copy of the project timeline template and submit the hardcopy after filling or you can send an email of the XLSX file with your project timeline data completed.

5. Is my project timeline document confidential?

The project timeline template contains confidential information about your project, so it is classified as private.

6. How do you write a timeline for a project?

  • Write a project scope statement.
  • Create a task breakdown structure.
  • Determine relevant departments for the task to complete
  • Assign the task to respective team members.
  • Add the respective dates – for how many dates you have worked on
  • Update each task status.

7. Does Excel have a project timeline template?

Yes, Microsoft Excel has an in-build project timeline template and is an effective way to track and measure the progression of your project. However, you can leverage Replicon timeline template that automatically fills in the dates as per your inputs. You can download replicon’s excel project timeline template here.

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