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Manage your workforce’s time and productivity regardless of where they may physically be

Deskless Workforce

Google estimates that 80% of the global workforce (approximately 3 billion) is performing physical or deskless work daily.

Do you face some of these challenges when trying to engage your remote workforce?
Employees work from the field, and at their convenience
Systems are not built with deskless workers in mind
Lack of visibility into the availability of your workforce
Compliance issues arise as employees travel across locations
Inability to control productivity for remote employees

For an engaged mobile workforce, you need:
  • Easier communication of work and schedules in real-time
  • Access for remote employees to enter time and project information
  • Easy policy administration based on employee location
  • Complete visibility into availability to ensure productivity

Replicon’s enterprise time management platformenablesyour mobile, deskless workforce with:

Instant access to enter time and expense information anywhere, and on any device

Advanced configurability of pay rules to meet compliance requirements across the workforce using Replicon TimeAttend

Real-time visibility into workforce productivity, utilization and profitability metrics to make proactive decisions

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