No More Labor Law Compliance Headaches

Managing compliance for your diversified workforce made simple

Time Wasted

Organizations can spend up to 20% of their efforts spinning their wheels just keeping up with regulatory changes

Labor regulation compliance can be very convoluted because:
Businesses face difficulty in tracking a mix of office and mobile workers
Geographic variations in the rules making compliance complex
Businesses find keeping up with rule changes difficult
Difficult to manage policy application consistently across the workforce
Challenges around compiling data for compliance audits

For simplifying labor law compliance, you need:
  • Ability for all employees, whether office-based or remote, to be able to input their work hours
  • Consistent application of compliance rules pertaining to overtime, meal breaks, rounding, etc. across the workforce
  • Easy access to historical work hours information for internal and external audits
Labor Law Compliance

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform enables you to manage labor compliance with:

Quick time capture and easy accounting for time worked by all of your employees using Replicon TimeAttend

Pre-configured pay rule library to automate global pay calculations and feed directly to your payroll system

Configurable reporting to help collate employee work time information needed for audits

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