Time tracking for incident management

Find out what incidents are costing you in terms of employee time and expense. After all, incidents happen. But with the right connected tools, you can minimize the impact.

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Get access to a fast, automated system that captures and records all time spent on incidents

Provide more accurate and reliable tracking of incidents as they progress without manual and double data entry

Gain visibility into utilization and costs of support staff by easily categorizing similar incidents for reporting

Don’t Enter it Twice!

Eliminate time-consuming manual and double data entry while also reducing errors. Seamless syncing from ServiceNow to Replicon ensures that data is accurate and timely for streamlined project execution.

  • Forecasting precision enabled
  • More time to react to changes in the pipeline with visibility into status
  • Automated updates and better communication between sales and services teams

Always Real-Time

Access up-to-date project progress in ServiceNow from Replicon. Users can view detailed project status information and report on actual versus estimated time and cost data for informed decision-making.

  • Accurate information regarding support time spent on incidents
  • Real-time project progress
  • Reporting capabilities for better decision-making

Time Well Spent

Analyze where support staff spend their time. With complete visibility, you can see exactly which business units and categories of incidents your support team is spending time on and determine how to best manage support resources and improve service delivery.

  • View into incident categories and where support time is spent
  • Insights for service delivery improvements
  • Pre-built solution with reporting
Integrating with ServiceNow
  • Is the Replicon and ServiceNow integration customizable?
    It depends on the customization you need. Contact us and we will work with you to make our products work for you.
  • What are the system requirements for using the Replicon and ServiceNow integration
    They only system requirement is that you have internet access.
  • How do I purchase the Replicon integration for ServiceNow?
    Contact us. We will get you set up with the integration.
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