Does your SAP ERP support your Enterprise Time Management?

Replicon’s Enterprise Time Management solution empowers businesses using SAP to manage their enterprise-wide needs and use cases for time with advanced configurability.

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Business processes need to evolve over time, but current ERP implementations lack the flexibility and scalability, which makes harnessing and managing the time data a tedious process that ultimately costs businesses significant overhead. With evolving business needs, customization’s in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to optimize business processes and with different localization needs, effective time management across your enterprise takes a backseat.

Replicon + SAP:

Enterprise Time Management solutions by Replicon helps businesses using SAP, to modernize and mobilize their ERP Time tracking. It enables them to streamline processes and deliver paperless, fast and efficient time management system, which features intuitive interface and simple mobile access.

SAP Time Tracking Integration with Replicon offers:
  • Non-intrusive data capture: Our platform takes advantage of modern artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to reduce the need for manual time inputs, and instead automatically harvests time data from your business’ ecosystem.
  • Advanced interfaces and mobile: Replicon’s modern user interface and native mobile applications support your diverse employee types, your unique, business-specific use cases, and any localization needs, and are accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Enterprise-ready product: Our platform is not just another feature in your ERP. Replicon enables businesses with an enterprise-grade, product that supports global governance and local administration, and has the scalability and configurability to meet any organization’s diverse needs.
  • Agile system: We offer an antidote to the data silos created by legacy ERP implementations and the patchwork solutions that accompany them. Our platform can seamlessly plug into your ecosystem of ERP, HR, payroll, time tracking and other apps, and ensure your system of record has the data it needs without changing your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  • Maximum ROI: Ultimately, our platform helps you extend the life of your ERP at a fraction of the cost and insulates your employees from changes to the back-end systems and processes.
SAP time tracking integration

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