A Perfect Match

If any two systems should talk to each other, the one that tracks employee hours and the one that pays salaries seem like great candidates, right?

Align your time and expenses with your payroll and billing today.

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Leverage existing user data in your HR system for tracking time and expenses

Utilize a pre-built connector that is easy to implement and brings fast time-to-value

Centralize the capture of time data for payroll or billing purposes

Eliminate duplicate effort

Easily transfer selected employee data from Namely to Replicon. Sharing your employee data with your own systems shouldn’t be hard or time consuming, which is why we’ve made it seamless.

  • No more duplicate data entry
  • Quick data transfer between systems
  • Secure connection for protection of data

Centralized capture of time data

Integrate time and attendance data with your existing HR and payroll system. Once employees are transferred, they can be set up to track time and expenses for payroll or billing purposes.

  • Quick setup to track time and expenses for payroll or billing
  • Rapid integration process
  • Central location for time data capture

Fast time-to-value

Ready to get started? This web-based connector is pre-built and quick to implement. We made it turnkey so that you don’t waste any time before seeing the benefits.

  • Pre-built for quick launch
  • Entirely web-based with nothing to install
  • Easy implementation with immediate results
Integrating with Namely
  • Do I get a discount on the systems if I integrate them?
    Not necessarily. We require that you purchase both systems separately. Since neither Replicon nor Namely are reseller partners we have no control of the other software's costs.
  • How to I activate the Replicon and Namely integration?
    Contact us. We will help you get set up with both systems.
  • What are the system requirements for using the integration?
    Internet access. Both Namely and Replicon work across browsers and mobile devices.
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