JIRA and Replicon, Better Together

Manage your DevOps, IT Ops, support and services team better. Make informed decisions with real-time visibility into time and effort for specific incidents, issues, tickets and jobs.

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Improve service levels with real-time visibility into hours worked on various incident and tickets for various clients

Enhance resource productivity with complete visibility into time spent on various tasks

Leverage time, cost and billing data from Replicon to understand actual costs and billing for work done

Challenges around tracking and managing service-levels

Jira is your system of record for all the issues, incidents, tickets and resources responsible for working on them. Most companies either do not track time spent on these tickets or use manual processes to manage time. It gets unwieldy for support and services organizations to understand how they are doing on these tickets without visibility into actual time spent on them.

Replicon + Jira:

Replicon Connector for Jira is a cloud-based, turnkey integration that enables you to leverage the unique capabilities of both Replicon and Jira. The solution enables easy allocation and management of time spent on various issues and tickets eliminating overheads, delivering insight to make informed business decisions, and helps improve resource productivity and service levels.

  • Best of both worlds: Manage your tickets in Jira and time in Replicon. Combine the information easily to derive deep insights into your service and support team’s work.
  • Enhanced DevOps, IT Ops, support, and services team productivity: Replicon’s detailed time and work data on tickets enables you to create benchmarks and manage team productivity.
  • Seamless sync data between Replicon and Jira: Jira serves as the master system for project and ticket information that gets mapped to projects and tasks in Replicon. Replicon is the master system for users and time to projects and tasks.
  • Cloud-based and convenient: Because Replicon Connector for Jira is 100-percent cloud-based and seamlessly integrated, it stays current when new versions of Replicon and Jira are released.
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Key integration capabilities:

Replicon Connector for Jira seamlessly integrates with Replicon to create a unified view of resource time spent on projects and tasks. The connector enables organizations with:

  • Seamless sync of project and ticket data: Automatically push any new project or issue created in Jira as a project and task to Replicon. Mark closed issues as complete tasks in Replicon
  • Up-to-date resource information: Seamlessly pass on new users in Replicon and create them in Jira.
  • Simplified time management solutions: Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform makes time management, allocation and approvals very easy for resources
  • Advanced analytics: Get deep understanding into resource productivity, service-levels and costing information from Replicon
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