Time & Expenses, Best Served Together

Imagine the power of real-time data, consolidated in one place, for informed business decisions about time and expenses.

We doubt you’ll miss that extra browser window.

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Optimize profitability with real-time visibility into hours worked and money spent on travel bookings and credit card transactions

Streamline billing with consolidated time and expense information, organized by project and client

Sync approved expenses and time data between Concur and Replicon without lifting a finger

Always accurate, always actionable

Centralize and sync your data with ease. As client and project time data moves in one direction and approved expenses and receipts move in the other, your real-time view is united for accurate management and billing.

  • Easily push client and project data from Replicon to Concur for availability when employees fill in expenses
  • Pull approved expense reports and snapshots of receipts from Concur into Replicon to combine with time data
  • View real-time expenses and time by project and client

Consolidated approvals and reporting

Combine Concur’s approved expense data with Replicon’s client and project data. With a single location for this information, your reporting is powerful, accurate and provides a complete view into your workforce, projects and clients.

  • Single view of united data from both Concur and Replicon
  • Complete time and expense information, tagged with client and project data
  • Powerful and real-time reporting capabilities
Integrating with Concur
  • What are the system requirements for using Replicon?
    We don’t have any system requirements. Replicon works across all browsers and all mobile devices.
  • How long do integrations take?
    Integration timelines depend on the customer’s requirements. Some are more complex and require longer timelines. But don’t worry; we work with our integration partners to ensure you get up and running in no time.
  • What countries is Replicon available in?
    We’re available everywhere that there’s an internet connection. We have several customers with locations around the world.
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