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Imagine the power of real-time data, consolidated in one place, for informed business decisions about time and expenses.

We doubt you’ll miss that extra browser window.

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Optimize profitability with real-time visibility into hours worked and money spent on travel bookings and credit card transactions

Streamline billing with consolidated time and expense information, organized by project and client

Sync approved expenses and time data between Concur and Replicon without lifting a finger

Benefits of Integrating Replicon with Concur

Time and Expense Management

Consolidated Approvals and Reporting

Combine Concur’s approved expense data with Replicon’s client and project data. With a single location for this information, your reporting is powerful, accurate and provides a complete view into your workforce, projects and clients.

  • Single view of united data from both Concur and Replicon
  • Complete time and expense information, tagged with client and project data
  • Powerful and real-time reporting capabilities

Always Accurate, Always Actionable

Centralize and sync your data with ease. As client and project time data moves in one direction and approved expenses and receipts move in the other, your real-time view is united for accurate management and billing.

  • Easily push client and project data from Replicon to Concur for availability when employees fill in expenses
  • Pull approved expense reports and snapshots of receipts from Concur into Replicon to combine with time data
  • View real-time expenses and time by project and client
Expense Management

Replicon Connector for Concur

Enterprise-class time tracking and expense management. Together at last!

The Challenges of Tracking Project Time and Expenses

Ensuring your project is on-time and on-budget is impossible without a clear understanding of hours and expenses at every stage. Most companies use separate systems for tracking time and expenses, which leads to inaccuracies and frustration. Users must log in with two sets of credentials, then toggle between windows to enter the same information twice. Not only is the process confusing and error-prone, it slows productivity.

Replicon and Concur: Better Together

Replicon Connector for Concur is a cloud-based, turnkey integration that enables you to leverage the unique time-saving strengths of both Replicon and Concur. The solution unifies time and expense data in a single view, giving you real-time visibility into all expenses and time by project and client. Replicon Connector for Concur eliminates confusion, saves you time and money, and delivers the insight you need to make informed business decisions throughout the project life-cycle.

    • Best of both worlds: With Replicon Connector for Concur, you gain real-time visibility into credit card transactions and travel bookings from Concur to make expense reporting a breeze for your entire company. At the same time, Replicon’s highly flexible timesheets, robust workflow and powerful reports simplify and streamline time capture and approvals, and help you optimize project profitability.
    • Streamline billing by consolidating time and expense data: With the help of the connector, Replicon can collect all time data, as well as authorized expense data for users, organized by project and client. This consolidated view of time and expense information enables accurate client billing for time spent on projects, as well as expenses incurred.
    • Seamlessly move data between Concur and Replicon: Replicon’s solution serves as the source for client, project and time data, while Concur’s solution is used for expense entry and approval. The connector allows sync up of client and project data from Replicon to Concur, while approved expenses are synced back to Replicon with correct allocation to clients and projects.
    • Cloud-based and convenient: Because Replicon Connector for Concur is 100-percent cloud-based and seamlessly integrated, it stays current when new versions of Replicon and Concur are released. You benefit from a hassle-free, reliable and cost-effective solution for managing all your project expenses and billable hours.

Key integration capabilities

Replicon Connector for Concur seamlessly integrates Replicon and Concur to create a unified view of time and expense data. The connector enables organizations with:

    • Seamless syncing of client and project data: Easily push client and project data from Replicon to Concur in real time, so that data is available when employees fill in expenses.
    • Centralized data for client billing: Automatically pull approved expense reports and snapshots of receipts tagged with client and project data from Concur into Replicon and combine it with time data to enable unified client billing.
    • Easy expense entry and approvals: Combine entry and approval of all expense data in Concur tagged with client and project data from Replicon—all in a single location.
    • Powerful, consolidated reporting: Present unified data from both applications for a complete view of all time and expenses, categorized by project and client.
Integrating with Concur
  • What are the system requirements for using Replicon?
    We don’t have any system requirements. Replicon works across all browsers and all mobile devices.
  • How long do integrations take?
    Integration timelines depend on the customer’s requirements. Some are more complex and require longer timelines. But don’t worry; we work with our integration partners to ensure you get up and running in no time.
  • What countries is Replicon available in?
    We’re available everywhere that there’s an internet connection. We have several customers with locations around the world.
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