Weekly Updates

Weekly Product Enhancements

Ever wait six months to a year for the latest version of a software product? No more. We issue updates on a weekly basis, so you can start using new features right away.

Weekly updates
All updates are deployed seamlessly and transparently over the cloud, with no cost or hassle to you and no disruption to your business. We make it easy to test updates before you push them to production, and you’re free to opt out of the upgrade process at any time.
  • Immediate Access to Innovation
    With Replicon, you don’t have to wait six to 12 months for new features; we deploy new releases every week, so you can take advantage of our latest innovations right away.
  • Features that make a real difference
    We listen to our customers and invest heavily in research and development, so the features we build will be meaningful for your business. Once you’re a customer, you can post your own ideas within our community.
  • Tested thoroughly in pre-production
    Replicon thoroughly tests all changes to our systems and products in a variety of pre-production labs. These tests ensure that only high-quality well-developed changes make it into the “live” environment.

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