What does 2-Step Verification mean when I’m logging in?

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You may be required to use a second authentication method beyond entering a password, to help ensure the security of your account and its data. Your administrator may have set up a verification method for you, or you may have set it up yourself.

When you attempt to log in to Replicon, if you are presented with a 2-Step Verification page:

  1. Choose your authentication method, either email authentication or TOTP. Most likely, only one method is available to select.
  2. If you chose email authentication, check your email to find a code to enter in the Verification Code field. You’ll have 30 minutes to enter the code, from when you clicked Login.
  3. If you chose TOTP, open the TOTP app (like Google Authenticator) on your device, and find the Replicon code.
  4. Enter the code (either from the email, or the TOTP code from your device) in the login field and click Login.

You should be taken to your account.


I didn’t receive an email with a verification code. What should I do?

If you’re using email authentication and you didn’t receive an email, check any other accounts the email may have been sent to, or contact your Replicon administrator.

How often will I need to go through this 2-step process?

You’ll need to authenticate this way on some regular basis, as set by your administrator – say, once every thirty days. In rarer cases, administrators might require 2-step verification more often – possibly with every login.

Does 2-step verification apply when I log in using other devices?

You'll need to use 2-step verification whenever you log in via a new device for the first time, and then at the frequency set by your administrator, for each device.

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