Using the Compliance Dashboard

Replicon's Compliance Dashboard:

  • Shows administrators which pay rules are in use
  • Allows them to track any compliance-related updates to the rules they are using
  • Allows them to subscribe to global compliance updates mailing lists

By keeping administrators informed about the status of their rules, the dashboard helps minimize compliance risks related to the calculation of employee working time.

To view the Compliance Dashboard, ensure you have Compliance Dashboard permission enabled in your Administrator permission set.

Checking which pay rules are in use

To check rules:

  1. Go to Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Compliance Dashboard.
All pay rules assigned to users in your system are listed on the page that displays.
  1. View the Assigned Users column.
The number of users assigned each rule displays.

Tracking and reviewing updates of standard pay rules

A ‘standard’ pay rule is a non-custom rule, available out of the box.

Replicon maintains a library of standard rules that we automatically, pro-actively update when we anticipate changes to compliance requirements coming into effect.

If we update a standard rule your organization is using, we will publish details regarding the change on your Compliance Dashboard. We’ll notify you of this update in two ways:

  • We’ll display a red circle icon beside the Administration heading in the side menu, indicating the number of rules that have been updated

  • We’ll send you an email, informing you that updates are awaiting your review on the Dashboard. You’ll need Compliance Manager: Review Dashboard Notifications assigned in your user profile to receive these notifications.

Replicon automatically updates rules when related laws change, so you don’t need to take any action to implement changes. However, you do need to acknowledge that you’ve viewed updates, so we know you’re aware of changes we’ve made.

To review changes made to a rule:

  1. Click the Review icon located under the Status column in that rule's row.
  2. Read what changed in the rule, and click the Acknowledge button to indicate you've read this notification.
The Status column shows only the review status of each rule; note that the rules themselves are always kept up to date.

Why do I need to review pay rule updates?

Reviewing changes helps you feel confident that changes to labor laws have been accurately reflected in the rules, and can help keep you up to date on labor law changes you might want to be aware of.

Understanding how custom and derived rules are maintained

While many customers use our standard rules, some use customized rules to meet their pay requirements. All customized rules are customer-managed, meaning Replicon will never update these rules automatically on behalf of customers; customers must contact us if they want us to make updates.

There are two types of customized rules:

  • Derived rules - These rules are based directly on standard rules, so Replicon is able to track which rule each is based on. For these rules, Replicon will notify you if we update the standard rule your rule is based on, so you know that you need to initiate an update to your derived rule.
  • Custom rules - These rules are not based directly on standard rules, therefore Replicon is not able to notify you regarding changes that might impact your rule; we don't have the necessary information to do this.

Subscribing to global compliance updates

Replicon publishes changes to global labor laws at

To help you to keep up to date with compliance changes, we also maintain a mailing list service that provides email updates whenever labor laws in supported regions change.

You can subscribe just to the regions you’re interested in.

To subscribe to a compliance updates service:

  1. Go to Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Compliance Dashboard.
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab, located at the top of the page.
  3. Under Compliance Subscribers, click Add New Subscriber.

An Add New Subscriber dialog displays.

  1. Select the user type:
    • Replicon User - With this option, all Replicon users will display, and you can check which users you want to enable. Use the filter field to shorten the list of available users.
    • External User - With this option, enter the subscribers email address, along with their first and last name, in the fields that display. This option is useful if you want the updates sent to a distribution list, rather than to individual users.
  1. From the Location field, select which regions you’d like selected users to receive updates for.
  2. Click Add Subscriber.

Each subscriber you entered will be added to the list, with a confirmation status of Pending, and they’ll be sent a confirmation email.

When the subscriber clicks the Verify Email Address button in that email, they’ll be fully subscribed and will begin receiving messages as updates occur. And, their confirmation status will change to Verified.


What kind of information do these updates include?

Updates include information on any upcoming changes to labor laws in the regions you’ve subscribed to. Labor laws typically relate to pay and time off.

The email itself will include a brief description of the change, and will include a link to a more detailed update.

Examples of past detailed updates are available at:

How often will I receive updates if I subscribe?

If you subscribe to the labor law updates mailing list, you’ll only receive update messages when a change is made to labor laws in a region you subscribe to.

Can I add or remove certain regions users are subscribed to?

Yes, you can update which regions an individual is subscribed to using this procedure:

  1. Go to Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Compliance Dashboard.
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Under Compliance Subscribers, click the email address of the user whose subscriptions you want to modify.

You can edit the locations in that field.

Why aren't certain users available in the Add New Subscriber list?

Users with any license appear in the list, provided a valid email address is included in their user profile.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you want to unsubscribe yourself, you can click the Click here to unsubscribe link in the updates emailed to you. To unsubscribe any user in your system:

  1. Go to Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Compliance Dashboard.
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Under Compliance Subscribers, click the email address of the user you want to unsubscribe.
  4. Click Delete, then click Delete again in the confirmation that displays.

The user will disappear from the list, and be unsubscribed.

What’s the difference between subscription emails, and the ones sent when my pay rules change?

If you use pay rules in Replicon, you receive a notification when pay rules you use in your system are updated. Whereas, compliance updates cover all types of labor law changes, not just updates to pay-related laws. They are also sent to anyone who has subscribed, and are not dependent on what pay rules you use.

If you subscribe to compliance updates, you will continue to receive notifications about updates to your own pay rules.

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