Using the Compliance Dashboard

Replicon's Compliance Dashboard:

  • Shows administrators which pay rules are in use
  • Allows them to track any compliance-related updates to the rules they are using

By keeping administrators informed about the status of their rules, the dashboard helps minimize compliance risks related to the calculation of employee working time.

To view the Compliance Dashboard, ensure you have Compliance Dashboard permission enabled in your Administrator permission set.

Checking which pay rules are in use

To check rules:

  1. Go to Administration > Pay Codes and Policies > Compliance Dashboard.
All pay rules assigned to users in your system are listed on the page that displays.
  1. View the Assigned Users column.
The number of users assigned each rule displays.

Understanding and reviewing updates of Standard pay rules

Replicon maintains a library of standard rules that we automatically, pro-actively update when we anticipate changes to compliance requirements coming into effect.

If a standard rule your organization is using is updated, administrators will be notified regarding the change. Since Replicon manages these rule on your behalf, you simply need to acknowledge these notifications when you receive them. No further action is required.

Reviewing changes to pay rules helps you feel confident that any changes to related labor laws have been reflected in the rules. Reviewing rules is primarily for your benefit, since rules are updated automatically when labor laws change, whether or not you've reviewed the rule.

If you're using a standard rule – that is, a non-custom rule available out of the box – and Replicon updates that rule, you'll see a red circle icon next to the Administrator menu item, indicating the number of rules that have been updated.

To review changes made to a rule:

  1. Click the Review icon located under the Status column in that rule's row.
  2. Read what changed in the rule, and click the Acknowledge button to indicate you've read this notification.
The Status column shows only the review status of each rule; note that the rules themselves are always kept up to date.

Understanding how Custom and Derived rules are maintained

While many customers use our Standard rules, some use customized rules to meet their pay requirements. All customized rules are customer-managed, meaning Replicon will never update these rules automatically on behalf of customers.

There are two types of customized rules:

  • Derived rules - these rules are based directly on standard rules, so Replicon can track which rule each is based on. For these rules, Replicon will notify you if the standard rule your rule is based on is updated, so you know that you need to initiate an update to your derived rule.
  • Custom rules - these rules are not based directly on standard rules, therefore Replicon can't notify you regarding changes that might impact your rule; we don't have the information to do this.