Understanding Zero Time data collectors

Collectors are apps that integrate with Zero Time, that are used to gather information on employees’ activities. Employees can use that gathered information to populate their timesheets.

Collectors automatically add entries to the user’s Zero Time inbox. You can distinguish these entries from notes by clicking an entry to open it, and viewing the entry’s header: collector entries display their app’s icon in its header.

Before a collector can begin collecting data, you must install it.

Company vs user collectors

There are two categories of collectors – company and user-level. The only difference between these two is who initiates and carries out collector setup.

You or another Zero Time administrator decide which collectors fall into each category. 

Cloud collectors vs chatbot collectors

Four cloud collectors are currently available for use with Zero Time:

  • Zoom
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Microsoft 365 Teams

And, three chatbot collectors are also currently available:

  • Slack Bot
  • Google Chat Bot
  • Microsoft 365 Teams Bot

Cloud collectors automatically capture data and deliver it to a user’s Zero Time inbox; the creation of entries doesn’t require the user to take any action.

With chatbots, users record details of their work within the chatbot app; they don’t have to visit the Zero Time app to create entries. Chatbot entries are similar to notes. Once a user has recorded details in the chatbot, that information is automatically saved as an entry in their Zero Time inbox.


Is an employee’s app data private in Zero Time?

The data gathered from a collector is completely private and can only be viewed by the owner of the individual account the data was gathered from. Data only becomes available to timesheet approvers and other Replicon managers once the user chooses to add it to their timesheet.

Employees can choose which data populates their timesheet and what data is discarded, and can modify hours they copy to their timesheets.

If a collector we want to use isn’t available, can you add it for us?

We’re  working on adding support for additional apps to Zero Time, however currently, only the collectors listed on the Collectors tab are available for use.

How does Zero Time authenticate when integrating with collectors?

Zero Time connects with the employee’s instance of each collector using SSO, so the user doesn’t have to manually authenticate for data to be gathered.

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