Setting up Zero Time

Administrators must carry out the following steps before users can access Zero Time:

1. Set up data collectors

Collectors are apps that integrate with Zero Time, that are used to gather information on an employee’s activities throughout the day. Employees can use that gathered information to populate their timesheets.

Refer to the Setting up Zero Time collectors topic for more information.

2. Set up Zero Time users

Zero Time users should be assigned the following settings in Replicon:

All users

  • A Replicon product that supports timesheets
  • A Zero Time license


End users

This permission allows users to opt in and out of collector use, install user collectors, and view all available collectors.

3. Make start and end time fields available to users, if desired

By default in notes, users record time by duration (i.e. they enter a number of hours). However, if you’d prefer users to record their start and end times in notes, you can allow this. You can also target only specific groups to use start and end times.

To enable Start Time and End Time fields:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Select Enabled from the Start/End Time field.

  1. If you want to enable the setting for only particular groups, click Add Targeted Value and choose one or more groups.

You can enable the setting for different group configurations by clicking Add Targeted Value multiple times, and setting multiple group targets.

If you select any groups, fields will be enabled for the selected groups only.

  1. Click Save.


What languages does Zero Time support?

Zero Time supports English only.

How long is data retained in Zero Time?

The system has a maximum 90 day data retention policy for all types of data. However, machine learning data is continually cleaned out of the system based on usage patterns, so it may not be retained for the full 90 days.

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