Setting up system billing rates

System billing rates are the rates available for use in all projects. Project managers can choose to allow these rates, and modify the value of each, on a per project basis.

You can add any new rates you need, such as rates based on roles of those who perform work for clients. For example, you could add a Senior Consultant rate to bill all work performed by senior consultants at the same rate.

About the rate types

The following types of rates are available by default:

Project Rate

This rate is assigned to all new projects by default

User Rate

The value of the user rate is defined for each user in the Default Billing Rate field in user profiles.

If you will not be assigning user billing rates in your system, you can disable this type to make it unavailable for assignment in projects.

Adding a billing rate

The rates you assign can be customized for each project.

To add a rate:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Billing Rates.
  2. Click Add Billing Rates.
  3. Add a name for the new rate, and the initial rate value.
  4. Click Add Billing Rates.

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