Setting up punch validation rules

Punch validation rules define requirements for a punch. Users can create invalid punches (i.e. ones that don’t meet the defined requirements), but they will be flagged as either an error or a warning, depending on how the rule is set up.

Validation rules are assigned to punch entry policies, which are in turn assigned to users.

Replicon can create custom validation rules for you. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on custom validation rules.

To set up validation rules:

  1. Go to Administration > Punch Validation Rules.
  2. Select a validation to view its configuration details.
  3. Update a rule’s settings, if desired:
      • You can change a rule’s name and description
      • You can update whether or not a rule is enabled
      • You may be able to change whether triggered validations are flagged as errors or as warnings. This determines how they’re labeled in timesheets and reports.
  1. Click Save if you made a change, or Cancel if you haven’t.

About the default punch validation rules

Field name

This field...

Mandatory Custom Fields Validation

Requires that dynamic custom fields you specify in the rule must be completed

"User's Choice" project client selection

Validates that a client is selected, for User's Choice multi-client projects

Work Day Hours Checks that hours recorded are within the user's scheduled work hours
Meal Break Validation with Waiver Checks that the employee has taken meal breaks as scheduled; allows for waiving of breaks, where applicable

Schedule Validation

Checks that the user is starting and ending work as scheduled

Rest Break Validation with Waiver

Checks that the employee has taken rest breaks as scheduled; allows for waiving of breaks, where applicable.

You define a repeating period in which a break must fall, called a work period (for example, 4 hours).

You can also specify that each break must be taken in the second half of the work period, using the Break required after major fraction parameter.

Punching at work location

Checks that the user is within their assigned place, defined by a geofence, when the punch was created

Meal Break Validation with Dynamic Penalty Pay

Checks that the employee has taken rest breaks as scheduled.

This rule was designed to meet meal break penalty requirements in Puerto Rico, where the penalty for a missed or short break is not a flat amount (1 hour), but is based on how much of the break was missed. For example, if a 30 min break was required, and only 10 minutes were taken, the penalty would be pay for 20 minutes.


Can we have multiple versions of the same rule?

No, you can update a rule’s name and parameters, but you can’t maintain two versions of the same rule.

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