Setting up project and client codes

Project codes and client codes are optional alphanumeric fields that can be used as identifiers for projects and clients, respectively.

If desired, you can make one or both of these types of codes a unique identifier of projects/clients.

You can also specify whether codes should be automatically assigned when you create a new project, and set a starting code number.

Changing the unique identifier for a project or client

By default, project name is set as the unique identifier in Replicon, meaning project names are required and each must be unique.

However, some companies integrate with third-party tools that use project codes to identify projects, and these companies sometimes duplicate project names that are used in Replicon.

If this is the case for a company, they may want to set project code as the unique identifier.

If you change the identifier to project code, project names no longer need to be unique. However, project name would still be a required value, since it serves many functions in Replicon.

Or, you can choose to set both project name and project code as the unique identifier, meaning each name and each code must be unique.

Similar to project code, client code can be set as the unique identifier for clients, rather than client name.

All existing projects or clients must be assigned a unique code before you can set code as the unique identifier. You can use our import tool to easily add project or client codes.

To change the unique identifier for projects:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Project Settings.
  2. From the Do Not Allow Duplicate field, choose a new option.

To change the unique identifier for clients:

  1. Go to Administration > Clients > Client Settings.
  2. From the Do Not Allow Duplicate field, choose a new option.

Automatically assigning project codes to new projects

If desired, you can have project codes automatically assigned to newly-created projects.

If you enable automatic assignment, code numbers are assigned incrementally beginning with 1. Or, you can specify the number used when the next new project is created.

To enable automatic assignment of project codes:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Project Settings.
  2. In the Defaults for New Projects section, enable the Automatically Assign Project Codes check box.
  3. Enter a number in the Next Project Code field. This field defaults to 1.

You can also import project codes using our import utility.


Can codes only be numeric?

No, you can use letters and/or numbers, if adding codes manually. Auto-generated codes are always numeric.

If we set codes to auto-generate, can we override the code assigned?

Yes. The code field is always editable.

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