Setting up departments

In 2020, we began offering an optional upgrade to a new version of departments that's based on groups. This topic applies to those who haven't yet upgraded.

Refer to All about Replicon’s optional upgrade for departments, employee types, and timesheet periods for information on upgrading. Refer to Setting up groups for information on using the department group type.

A department is a division of employees in your organization. Departments may reflect your organization's hierarchical structure, geographic regions, or functional groups.

You can set up multiple department levels – an employee's assigned department can be a sub-department of a higher-level department. The top-level department is named Company, by default.

We’re updating our departments to act as groups, so you may be able to assign an effective date when assigning departments to users, and filter access to Replicon users based on department assigned. Refer to Setting up groups for more information.

Setting up a department

Use the procedure below to set up a single department. Or, if you have a lot of departments to set up, you can use the Replicon Import Add-in (RIA) to import departments using a spreadsheet.

To set up a new department:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Departments.
  2. Click Add Department.

  1. Find the parent department (the one above the new department in your organization’s hierarchy). Depending on the version of this feature you're using, either:
      • Click the Parent field, and select the new department’s parent department.


      • Click the + icon located in that parent group’s row, and add the new department.

  1. Name the new department, and complete the other fields, as desired.
  2. Click Save.


How can we view departments as a hierarchy?

You can view departments as a hierarchy by clicking the Parent field when setting up or editing a department.

Can we move a department from one parent to another?

Yes, you can. To do this, go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Departments.

  1. Click the name of the department you want to move.
  2. From the Parent field, select a new parent department.


  1. Select the icon in the row for the department you want to move.
  2. Select the new parent department.

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