Setting up and managing data collectors in Zero Time

You’ll need to set up any data collectors you want to use. This involves installing company collectors, and configuring which collectors are optional for users and which aren’t.

At some point, you may want to stop a collector from gathering data. If this happens, you can disconnect the collector.

Installing a company collector

You’ll install company collectors at the domain-level, so they’ll be available for all users enabled in your system by default.

For information on how to set up a collector, contact Replicon Support. You can s et up and manage company collectors at Collectors > Company Collectors in the Zero Time UI.

What happens when we add a new user to our system?

Zero Time polls your system on a monthly basis so any new users you’ve added are found and allowed access to each enabled collector, provided they’ve been assigned a Zero Time license.

If you want a collector to start collecting a new user’s data immediately, you can contact Replicon and we can manually add the user.

Users can install and disconnect their own user collectors.

Removing the option to opt out of using a company collector

By default, when you add a new company collector, users are allowed to choose whether or not data from that app is collected. They are opted in by default.

You can change this option for any company collector, and make use of the collector mandatory. If you do this, users will be signed up to use the collector automatically.

There is no opt out option for user collectors, since users opt in by installing them.

To remove the option to opt out of using a company collector:

  1. After the collector in question is installed, go to Collectors > Company Collectors.
  2. Click Settings for the collector.
  3. From the Allow users to opt-out field, select No.

Disconnecting from a collector

You can disconnect any company collector at any time if you want to stop collecting data from that app; If you disconnect, that collector will immediately stop collecting and delivering data to Zero Time.

If you disconnect:

  • You’ll need to re-install the collector if you ever want to start using it again
  • Any machine learning Zero Time has achieved for that collector will be lost

To disconnect a collector, either:

  1. Go to Collectors > Installed Collectors.
  2. Click the appropriate Disconnect link.


  1. Go to Collectors > Company Collectors.
  2. Click Settings for a collector.
  3. Click the Disconnect link.

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