Setting and tracking cost budgets for programs

You can assign a budget to each program you manage. The budget can be a single amount for all costs, or it can be broken down into CapEx and OpEx budget amounts.

You can view these values and actual costs for projects in reports.

Assigning cost budgets

To assign budgets:

  1. Go to Projects > Programs, and select a program. Or, click Add New Program.
  2. Click the Program Info button.

  1. In the dialog that displays, under Set the budget for this Program, choose one of the following options:
    • Total Budget
      Enter a total budget for the program
    • CapEx, OpEx, Total
      Enter a budget for CapEx and for OpEx costs individually

  1. Click Save.

Tracking cost budgets in reports

In reports based on the Project and Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing template, you can view budget amounts entered for a program:

  • Total Budget
  • Total Budget CapEx and OpEx

To view cost amount used by each cost type, you must first assign a cost type (CapEx or OpEx) to projects and tasks within your program.

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