Selecting projects and tasks on your timesheet

If your project selector looks like the one below, see Selecting tasks on your timesheet (alternate timesheet versions) instead of this topic.

If you enter time against projects, click the Task field to select projects and tasks.

The task selector will display. You'll also see three or four options at the top:

  • Search By Category, to either browse or search by the Client (or Program), Project, or Task list that displays
  • Search All to search all of those categories at the same time

In all searches, terms entered are matched against the start of each item name only. So, for example, if you are looking for “Customer Billing System”, it will show in the results if you search for “bil” but not if you search “ill”.

Searching all

You can also use Search All to search among all clients, projects, or tasks at once. Matching clients, projects or tasks will display. Select the one you're looking for.

Browsing by category

You can browse through client, project, and task lists to find the project or task you need to enter your time against. Each selection you make filters the subsequent lists.

The field may be set up with programs instead of clients, or with neither.

To find a project or task by browsing:

  1. Select a client

This will filter the project list so only that client's projects display.

  1. Select a project.

This will filter the task list to show only tasks for the selected project.
If you want to enter time against this project as a whole, and not a task, click away from the task selector after selecting the project.
Projects without tasks display without an arrow beside them.
  1. If you're entering time against a task, select it from the list.


The timesheet will show the selection. For longer names, mouse over the field to show the full text.

To change a selection, click on the header for that section and reselect. For example, to change the project, click the Project header to reopen the project list. Then choose a different project.

Searching by category

You can search from within each category, to narrow the list of options of that type.

For example, if you have a client with a lot of projects, you can select that client name, and then enter the project name (or a portion of it) into the search field. The search will filter the list to show only projects that include that text.

With this option, you can only search by a category if an option from the parent category has been selected. For example, you can't search tasks without first selecting a project. If this poses a problem, try the Search All option.

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