Selecting projects and tasks when punching using the web app

If you enter time against projects, you’ll use the Task field to select projects and tasks. You can also search for items. For some projects, you can also enter time against the project as a whole.

Selecting a task

To select a project or task:

  1. In your timesheet, click on the Task field.

  1. Select the client for the project.

All of that client’s projects are shown. Alternatively, select Any Client to skip client selection; all of the available projects will be shown.

The field may be set up with programs instead of clients, or with neither.

  1. Select the project.

  1. Select the task.

The timesheet will show the selection. For longer names, mouse over the field to show the full text.

To change a selection, click on the header for that section and reselect. For example, to change the project, click the Project header to reopen the project list. Then choose a different project.

Searching for data

You can search for data while selecting clients, projects, or tasks.

To search for a project:

  1. Select the client or Any Client.
  2. With the project section open, enter the name of the project or some part of it.

All projects that match the search term you’ve entered will display.

  1. Select the project from the filtered list.

To search for clients or tasks, enter the search term while the Client or Task section of the selector is open.

Selecting a project to enter time against

For certain projects, you may be allowed to enter time against the entire project as a whole, or against tasks within that project. For other projects, you may only be allowed to enter time against tasks.

To enter time against a project as a whole, first select the client and project. Then, under the Tasks section, select No Task.

If you are not allowed to enter hours at the project level and can only enter hours against specific tasks, the No Tasks option will not be available.

You cannot select the No Tasks option or the project as a whole when searching.

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