Ruby example - UserService1.svc/GetEnabledUsers

require 'rest-client'

require 'json'

company_key="companyKey" # Enter any company key


# Global service call

GlobalResponse= "", {

  :tenant=> {

    :uri=> nil,

   :slug=> nil,

    :companyKey=> company_key


}.to_json, :content_type => :json, :accept => :json


parsed = JSON.parse(GlobalResponse.body)

Endpoint= parsed["d"]["applicationRootUrl"]


#Get Enabled users

GetEnabledusers=RestClient::Request.execute method: :post, url: Endpoint+company_key+"/services/UserService1.svc/GetEnabledUsers", user: company_key, 'X-Replicon-Application':'Companykey_ProjectImport_1.0', 'Authorization': 'Bearer lXluv1eGYEGzMwjpsRL5mgEANTNkYTAyZWM5OWU2NDg2MWFmZWVjZDM3MzAxZjA1NTA'

puts GetEnabledusers.body

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