Publishing the schedule

By default, the shifts that you schedule are unpublished. Unpublished shifts are not shown to employees on their schedule. Once the schedule is finalized, you can publish the shift assignments so they are visible to employees. This allows you to work on your schedule over a period of time before making it available to employees.

Unpublished shift assignments are shown with stripes, whereas published shift assignments are shown in a solid color. Both published and unpublished assignments are included in the totals shown on the Schedule page.

There are a few ways to publish shift assignments:

You can publish all the shift assignments shown in the current view of the schedule. This option will typically be used once the full schedule is finalized.

You can publish shift assignments for specific users or a particular shift. You may want to publish a user’s schedule ahead of others if that user needs advanced notice of their schedule.

You can publish shift assignments on an individual basis. This may be useful when you are adding a shift assignment to a previously published schedule.

When necessary, previously published assignments can be unpublished, which hides them from the employee’s view.

Publishing all the visible shift assignments

Using the Publish button, you can publish all the shift assignments currently visible on the Schedule page.

To publish all the visible shift assignments:

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Select the date range you want to publish for.

  1. Set the filters above the schedule to include all of the assignments you want to publish.
  2. Click the Publish button.

The buttons shows how many unpublished shift assignments will be published.

  1. Click Ok when asked to confirm.

All the shift assignments will now be set to the Published status.

Publishing shift assignments by user or shift

If you want to publish a sub-set of the shift assignments, you can do so using the Update Assignments option.

To publish a group of assignments:

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Click Update Assignments from the More drop-down.

  1. Under Select Users, select All Users to publish assignments for all users. Or select specific users to publish.

You can enter text to search and you can select multiple users.

  1. Select the date range you want to publish for.
  2. If applicable, select which shift you want to publish. Otherwise, leave it set to Any Shift.

Only assignments for that shift will be published.

  1. Set the Status field to Published.

  1. Click Apply.

All of the shift assignment matching the selected users, date range, and shift will be published.

Publishing a single shift assignment

To publish a single shift assignment:

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Click on the shift assignment you want to publish.
  3. Select Published from the Status drop-down.

  1. Click Save.

The assignment is now published.

Unpublishing shift assignments

You can unpublish shift assignments to remove them from the employee’s view. You may want to unpublish shift assignments when you have to make larger changes and want to retract the original schedule.

To unpublish shift assignments, follow the same steps as above but use the Unpublish button or select Unpublished as the Status.

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